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Re: The Amazing and Remarkable Monica Niculescu

It is a somewhat disappointing loss but Monica does struggle more against players like Flipkens than she does against power hitters thans for sure. A girl like Flipkens can match Monica's variety with her own and she is someone who is perfectly comfortable getting into the kind of cat and mouse exchanges that Monica's game forces her opponents to play.

Also have to say, I don't think we can blame tiredness for this loss. It has now been a whole week since Monica beat Puchkova to win Florianopolis. Since that time Monica played one doubles match and the double bagel dismantling of Svitolina. And today's match wasn't long either, less than 2 hours. Monica is fit. She shouldn't be tired right now. If she was, I'd be worried.

In fairness though, it is not the most costly of losses. This match was worth just 30 points to the winner. And with Azarenka almost certainly lined up in the next round it wasn't going to make a difference of more than 30 points.'s 30 points down the drain...not the end of the world.

Also I don't think this is any indication Monica can't beat top 35 players. There are plenty of players in the top 35 I would fancy Monica's chances against. Monica matches up quite nicely to quite a few of the top 35. Unfortunately Kirsten just isn't one of them.

Hopefully Monica will have a better draw in Miami.

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