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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hi there,

So change of location, I'm writing from Indian Wells now. I'll be here hopefully for the next two weeks, so I ventured into unpacking... I have rules - when I stay longer than seven days in a place I unpack, otherwise I keep all my clothes in the bag. I wanna believe that I can use my time more wisely than just putting dresses on hangers and taking them down week in week out!

I got here on Sunday night from Vegas by car with my adidas team. It was a great trip and we had an amazing time (of course, since i was the DJ!!!!)

Sometimes we get so carried away by our careers, jobs and goals we have to achieve, or by the pressure of trying to rise to the expectations, that we forget to enjoy the simple things that life has to offer us... so this road trip was another reminder how good it feels to just be able to enjoy the small pleasures like a road trip with friends, a picture or just a view....

The only little problem was that Daniela Hantuchova, who left Vegas a little earlier that day, did this trip in 3h 50min, and for us it took about 4h 45min... so when we got here she was making a little fun of our driving skills. But we forgot to tell her that because we had so much luggage, the rental car company gave us a soccer mum mini van - our bags wouldn't fit in any other type of car... but no complaining, we accept the defeat with our heads up )

Indian Wells is one of my favourite tournaments so I'm very happy to be back here. Everyone is so lovely and they all try their best to make us feel comfortable, like a home away from home, so it's great. I think every player has their own favourite places and usually we are very subjective, we like the tournaments where we play our best, but this one has a nice and relaxed vibe to it. Plus we all get cars so we can move around, which is great. And now a special announcement: if you see a grey SUV, try and run the opposite direction... I'm just joking, I'm actually a good driver, even if my coach Darren Cahill always makes fun of my parking... but of course I'm a good driver, I'm Romanian and that says it all

I'm gonna have my first match on Friday... so till then just practice, practice and more practice... I usually go very early on site and have a first hit from 7:30-9 and then another session in the afternoon. The reasons why I like to do my first session very early is that as I've told you before, I'm a morning person, and the second reason is that at that time of the day the tennis club is empty, so it feels good to have some peace and quiet and focus on your work. Later on, the site gets very, very busy, so sometimes being there makes you tired and you don't want to waste your energy prior to the start of the tournaments on the wrong things.

My best friend Ana is here as well, so we have been spending a lot of time together, trying to catch up and just do normal things that girls our age do once we are done with the training for the day. We both love this place and because we've already played here for so many years we know our way around the town very well. Every year we play the same tournaments and have the same calendar, so it's like a wheel that is spinning year by year at the same pace. For example, every year we know that the first weeks of March our home is in Indian Wells and the last two weeks of March our home is in Miami, so of course by now we have our favourite restaurants, cinemas, shops, nail places, spas, hotels or whatever else you can think of in any city.... so if you want any recommendations, forget about Zagat or Lonely Planet, you guys have me

Time to go now....


She also posted some nice pics from the road trip.
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