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Re: Biographies of Female Tennis Players

BOSSI, ANNALISA (or ANNALISE or ANNALIES) (nee Annaliese Ullstein)
Born 03 November 1915 in Dresden, Germany
Died 21 February 2015 in Milan, Italy
Married (1) Renato Bossi, (1917-1947) in 1939.
Married (2) Giorgio Bellani, died November 1969

Her year of birth is controversial (1914 or 1915 or 1919), but she was born 3 November 1915, not 1919.

In the sentence "I celebrated my first birthday in Dresden on 3 November 1915" "first birthday" is likely a translation oddity, referring instead to her date of birth.

From “Der Tennissport”, November 1938

“Anneliese Ullstein writes to us as follows:

“I celebrated my first birthday in Dresden on 3 November 1915. Even in my earliest years I was influenced by my parents’ enthusiasm for all types of sport, in particular for tennis. This is why I was to be found on a tennis court as quite a young girl, trying to hit the ball as accurately as possible, in the middle of the racket. Because my father was always a devotee of systematic training, when I was aged ten or so he placed me in the hands of Kurt Nitsche, who coached at the club of which I was then a member, the VIB Leipzig.

“Thanks to Mr Nitsche’s good coaching, which involved equipping me with a good, solid forehand and backhand and, above all, thanks to my father’s devotion – he closely supervised almost every shot of mine and drew my attention to my errors – I was soon able to win prizes in small tournaments. These successes were followed by my first big success, at the 1932 German Junior Championships, a title I successfully defended in 1933. I also became a member of the RC-Sports Club in Leipzig, which I am still a member of today.

“I then trained with the well-known Leipzig coach Alfred Förster, who helped me progress so rapidly that in 1934 I won the tournaments in Chemnitz, Leipzig, Dresden and at the Weiser Hirsch Club (all in Saxony) one after the other. In 1936, I won the Pomeranian Championships and the international tournament in Bad Homburg, where I played Hella Kovac, the Yugoslavian champion, for the first time, and beat her.

“1937 was probably my most successful year to date, when I won – albeit in the absence of Marieluise Horn – the national championships in Braunschweig. I also won the International Hungarian Championships for Germany in Budapest. I am also thinking of my wins against Ida Adamoff (in Hamburg in 1934), against Evelyn Dearman, Billie Yorke and, above all, against Dorothy Burke, from America, in Hamburg in 1933. In the match against Mrs Burke I was 0-5 behind in the third set, but still won it, 8-6. You never forget something like that!

“I haven’t as yet had much fun playing doubles and mixed doubles because I have never been able to find a steady partner. However, recently I won the doubles championship in Budapest with Marieluise Horn, and now I’m getting a taste for doubles. Next year I’ll be taking part in many doubles events.

“To recount a little bit about my private life: I spend two months in Merano every year, and try to use my knowledge of the French, English and Italian languages as much as possible; I improve my knowledge of these languages every winter, partly through my own hard work and partly with the help of a teacher. When I return home I spend several days each week at the Sports University. In my remaining free time I do household chores because one cannot neglect them in favour of sporting activities!”

[End of Der Tennissport interview]

She competed for Germany and then wed 2 Italians. Bossi was the first Italian woman to make a slam semi when she reached the 1949 French SF as the #7 seed. In 1950 she took the Italian Chmps.

Bossi winning the Italian at the Foro Italico in 1950

[Thanks to Newmark for his translation from Der TennisSport and to Jimbo for additional information]
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