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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Originally Posted by goldenlox View Post
I think she changed her game in a way that couldnt be successful. Her opponents attack her forehand, thats her weaker side. To just start getting wild on that side was crazy, and gave her opponents what they needed to beat her. It wasnt the way to improve her game. She had to stay consistent while she was trying to improve, because that is what she does best. She plays defense and attacks when there are openings.

But that was August 2011. Now its well into 2013 and she only reached one SF (a tier 2 with many withdrawals) in 6 tournaments.
Thats not improving. So there's plenty to worry about, if we ever hope to see her in a slam final again, or #1 again.

Not having a coach and not being motivated is a killer combination. She still has to show she's motivated. Has to be more than an early round match
I kind of agree with what you've said except for a coach part. Piotr's her coach and she has Adidas support as well. Now they've got a lot of work on their hands, if she does well she has a chance to face Vika for the first time in ages. Let's see how that goes...
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