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Re: On the Concept of Irony w/ Continual Reference to Caro, the #1 Sunshine Queen

Free Legal Advice .. to expat Danes and other Foreigners.

Should you be DUI'd in Denmark (on your way to see Caroline play the new and improved PM Cophenhagen Open), no need to call Mr Loophole. Best cause of action is to simply lie to the judge.

Danish DUI fines are calculated from this formula: (Gross annual salary / 25) * (BAL * 10).

BAL is naturally Blood Alcohol Level. Below 0.05 is legal. Above 0.2, you risk jail time.

Now, imagine this case : You earn £50k a week from say ... Arsenal and you have a multi million kroner sponsorship deal with Nike. That should put your annual salary at at least the 25 million kroner mark.

Now also imagine, your BAL is 0.175 .. your fine will be : 25mill/25 * (0.175*10) = 1,750,00 DKK

But .. due to my free legal advice, you simply lie to the judge. Why tell him 25 mill .. when you can just tell him ... a million a month.

Ta da. Fine reduced to 840,000 DKK.

The prosecutor after the trial confirmed, earnings numbers will not be checked and even they should turn out to be higher than told in court, the fine will not be increased!

You're welcome

PS If anyone questions this advice, just refer to Mr Bendtner.
PPS If you also drive in Denmark without a valid drivers license. Just tell the judge, you didn't notice. If the judge starts making noises, just again refer to Mr Bendtner.


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