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My biggest regret.

I wanted to be a tennis player badly but sadly it was too late. I started following tennis in 2007 and started playing it in 2008. Before 2007, I was watching some matches between now and then but that was it and at that time tennis wasn't my fav sport. I was huge football fan back then and I was really determined to be a footballer. I was playing football a lot but since the day I became a big tennis fan, I didn't give a shit about football and almost never played it again. The last time I played football was in 2009 probably. I don't really remember. I became really obsessed about tennis and it's the only support I really care about.

Anyway, it was too late for me to be a pro tennis player. I blame football. Seriously, I wish someone interduced to me this great sport when I was a kid. Oh well...

I started playing tennis in 2008. I was a joke of a player back then. Just a weaponless pusher with no techinque at all. 2 years have passed and nothing changed in my game. In 2011, I started to develop my own tecqinque and style of play. I watched some tennis lessons on youtube (plus the pro players hitting) and after that I started training my swings (working on my techinque) in my bedroom almost everyday following the tips I got from these tennis videos. I learnt pretty good techinque in short period. I can now slice the ball pretty well from both wings, hit the ball cleanly and place it where I want with my FH. I can hit the ball really hard too but I focus on timing the ball well more than hitting it hard brainlessly. I found playing tennis isn't really hard after learning the basics. I love to use my imagination when playing tennis btw. That's my real strength. Playing safe is really boring to me and there is no much fun in that. I'm also one of those guys who really hates to lose.

One day when I was training with a wall, a tennis coach was watching me. I got bored from hitting with the wall so I asked that coach to play a match with me if he don't mind. He couldn't because he was about to leave but he said to me "Which coach taught you to play tennis? You are good. The way you hit the ball is really good. You have very good techinque". Well, that me happy obviously. He thought I'm a tennis player. I answered "I taught myself". He was like "WTF?! Really?". I told him that I love tennis so much so that's why I wanted to get better and enjoy playing good tennis on a tennis court. Also watching much tennis on TV/Internet helped me a lot surely.

I was wondering, how far could I go in tennis if I took tennis seriosuly at early age. I think I would be good enough to be in the top 100 or maybe even higher. I will never know anyway.*sigh*

Watching tennis is really fun but believe me, playing the game and experience the joy of competing on a tennis court is much more enjoyable. My biggest regret is clear now I guess. It would have been really fun If I was a top 100 player and posting on MTF/TF at the same time. Oh and I can just imagine what could have been said about my match with Djokovic. "The pathetic Noletard will bend over for his hero. NID". As if I can beat him in the first place. I would certainly try my best though.

Oh well, one can dream at least...

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