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Re: Tereza Mrdeza cheering thread

Originally Posted by ma re View Post
Oh we really made things complicated for you... Yes, I can imagine that you're convinced about the necessity of vowels, but look at it this way - I'm sure you're familiar with the Spanish word "frío" - see, no vowels in the first two positions! Which means that even a latin-speaking mind can figure it out "Mr" in her last name is the same as that "fr" combo, and also keep in mind that we have the same rolled "r" as Spaniards or Italians, not the one like what you hear in English.

But however you do it, kudos to you for the effort

Well... Let me put it this way: I can get TWO consonants... But THREE??? You're pushing too far!!!
Maybe if the spelling was Mrudeza or Mradeza, I could understand it better!
(Altough even the mr pairing seems very awkward to me)

Anyway, thanks for all the help.
You guys here in TF are the best!
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