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Re: Tereza Mrdeza cheering thread

Originally Posted by networthy View Post
I speak Spanish, which is similar to Portuguese, but there's no word in Spanish with that combination of letters.

That said, it's really not as difficult as it looks. Each letter (m, r, d) is pronounced pretty much like in Spanish. The sounds are strung together, which is the tricky part, since Spanish/Portuguese don't put consonants together like that.

By the way, the z is actually a ž, which is pronounced like the zh in Doctor Zhivago

Can anyone help Trigo out further? Is there an online pronunciator?
Originally Posted by ma re View Post
It's a bit tricky to explain cause

a) I don't speak Portuguese
b) the closest I can go is Spanish, and as mentioned earlier, they don't string consonants

But I'll try to explain a bit differently than the earlier poster, and hopefully come closer for you to get it right.

For starters I wouldn't bother with a string of consonants, but instead bring your attention to the middle and end of the surname. In Mrdeza the letters in boldface are pronounced exactly the same way you guys would pronounce "de Janeiro" in Portuguese, but obviously without the pause between the words. The first two letters (Mr) are pronounced the way they would be in Spanish if I could find an example of this consonant combo, so let's say like in their "mar" minus the vowel. Oh, and in her surname the stress is on the "r", not on the "e" as many foreigners would probably assume.

Hope this helps
Originally Posted by volume3d View Post
I'll try

Just pronounce it like you pronounce english word 'murder' ... 'murd' + eZha Ž is (as networthy already mentioned) pronounced like Zh in Dr Zhivago
First of all, thanks for the attention!

I think I got the Ž sound.
But the real problem is the no-vowel combo in the begginig!
"mar" minus the vowel does not make ANY sense to my latin-speaking mind!!!
We need vowels to make sounds, guys!!!

Anyway, I'll stick with the sound of "murder" as suggested.
Hope it's close enough... :S
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