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Re: Petra Kvitova News and Articles

Originally Posted by Petronius View Post
I know

BTW, was it you or Exelscior who posted these comments on ?

I love Kvitova!!!!
I sure hope she can win more Slams
We need a humble, shy, sweet champion for awhile!!!!

Wow! Just Wow! Rarely have I seen a match where I wish that each player could walk away with the winners trophy. This is one on them. I simply adore everything about Petra's game and her personality. Whenever the Ms Williams retire, I will be free to support her completely.

I've always thought Petra Kvitova is the real deal in women's tennis. When she is on, only Serena can stop her. However, she needs to be be more consistent. her erratic game lets her down quite often. She has a beautiful forehand on the line and powerful backhand and serve; She also has a nice slice backhand and she's always willing to go to the net. Nevertheless, what I love the most about her is her personality. Unlike Azarenka or Serena, she is so humble, and rarely show emotions on the court. If she ever becomes a number one, I think she would be one of the most charismatic number ones ever. I also enjoy how fluid her game is, how effortless she produces her nice shots, kind of like Mona Barthel is -to me, the biggest underacheiver on tour now- Anyway, I hope Kvitova's momentum continues in the USA swing and hopefully we can see her dominating again the way she did in Wimbledon a couple of years ago. And the best thing of having Kvitova on top women's game is that she is not a grunter! yay! as great as they are, I cannot stand stand Masha and Azarenka grunts they give me headaches.

I didn't post on any of those sites.

There's more Petra fans out there than you think.

Some of them just needed a reason to appear again!

Were those your comments Jack quoted, Petronius? Or were they comments that you reproduced from "Women Who Serve" or

PS to Jack and Petronius): The Eurosport announcers, were saying, when Petra's at full flight, even Serena can't stop her. I know at other times they said she can challenge them. However, at other times, they were saying 'no one can stop the onslaught', especially the male broadcasters.

And we already saw/know how Anabel kept raving on, losing her mind about Petra.

That's why this crap that the delusional Masha and Vika haters throw out there sometimes (especially the Masha ones), about Petra not being a popular #1 if she was, is all BS.

Petra would have both the support of the press, tennis cognoscenti (who helps shape the press opinions), and the fans, for her exciting game and humble, effervescent personality. And if she didn't have all of them: One or two, would push the other, to affect their opinion. I had already witnessed readers commenting on Steve Tignor's Petra articles, change his mind regarding Petra's ability to volley. He didn't know, realize that, even in 2011.

But I'm getting waaaaaaay ahead of myself (even though that's not my intention), and will stop here!
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