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Re: Petra Kvitova News and Articles

Originally Posted by PetraReeMona View Post
Therein lies the problem. As we've said previously, she feels pressurised to win everything. She worries too much about what people think. Hopefully, she'll overcome that soon

Petra doesn't always say this stuff to be coy. It's deeper than that. That's where a different/more, better team and/or advisors come in.

They could show Petra how to cope with the challenges and expectations of winning big tournaments, majors, greatness or being #1. They can also help simplify everything in general, cause they "Been There, Done That already!".

A lot of potentially great young players (more than we often realize, as we discussed the other day), didn't start out embracing the expectations and pressure of big time winning right away. However, new advisors, coaching and/or maturity, eventually helped them overcome that. That's where a Martina Nav, Pavel Slozil, or even a Lendl could come in (along with some other things, like hitting partners, better practice regimen, court tactics, goal setting, being confident and expecting to win, even with no/less form, etc.).

Let's hope Petra doesn't shy away from the challenges too often in the future? Cause the level and display of tennis she showed last week, needs to be seen, numerous time again this season.

Petra's just gotta worry about being better/the best, and be damned (as you indicated) with what the press thinks or expects from her. She should be her own toughest critic, as she used to say in 2011!
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