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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Originally Posted by bruce goose View Post
Now that Caroline has admitted to previously losing her hunger somewhat,we may speculate a little as to what,exactly,caused that.My current fave theory is 'Discouragement';that is,she remained #1 for such a long stretch and came sort of close to a couple more Slam finals after falling in her first back in 2009...yet she couldn't overcome that final hurdle.

That might account for the almost knee-jerk way that she tried to incorporate aggressiveness into her game(as opposed to tinkering,as several successful greats have modified their games).Caro is only human,but I don't believe that fan criticism played any major role,if ANY,in her decision to be more aggressive.If she was losing hunger,then a so-called quick-fix solution might have looked more appealing to her.......and the way in which those changes were implemented kept reminding me of a quick-fix mentality right from the beginning
I think it could be a combination of several things that caused her to lose that hunger.....

-The criticism she got when she was number one might have given her a feeling of, "what's the point? No matter what I do, it's never good enough."
-The fact that despite the criticism she is financially secure for the rest of her life even if she never plays another match in her life. And if she ends up marrying Rory they could with their combined fortunes buy Danmark. So money is not much of a motivation at this point. Definitely not as much as when you're struggling to make ends meet.
-The emotions caused by her relationship with Rory. First serious love affair, etc. Whereas previously tennis was the number one priority in her life it now got some serious competition from this relationship.

But it's great to hear that she's got her motivation back. I think that by the time she retires Caroline will be able to sit in that rockin' chair in the knowledge that no matter what she may or may not achieve in years to come, she gave it everything she had. And that's all we can expect from her.

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