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Re: "Just Like Christopher Columbus"Ana conquers America(Indian Wells,Miami)

Had an epic dream last night. A nightmare from Ana's fan's perspective though .

Ana and JJ were both in WTA Auckland and were playing. It was a first set TB with no hawkeye.

Ana hits an ace up the middle on the ad side. It catches the line, Ana makes her fist, but it gets called out. Then she hits a CC forehand winner during a rally which gets called out as well. Then she hits an ace out-wide on the deuce side and she makes her fist again, but that also gets called out (after that one she calls a linejudge a bastard and gets a warning for unsportsmanlike behaviour or something ). JJ wins the TB in the end.

Quite an interesting dream. And could potentially happen as well. Maybe not to either of them, but in Auckland the line-calling isn't always up to scratch...

Hopefully not a prophecy of what's to come in IW .
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