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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Originally Posted by Protoss View Post
14 unforced errors is a lot if you have only 8 winners. Generally, about a 1 winner to 1 unforced error ratio is a good level of play.

Now you're just being silly. Caro's winner count is a partial measure of aggressiveness so it matters somewhat in assessing her play. If Caro has too low a winner count, there's a good chance she was playing it too safe/too defensively. If Caro has too high a winner count, there's a good chance she was playing it too risky/too aggressively. Caro's unforced error count of course matters a lot but the acceptable number of unforced errors depends a lot on how Caro is trying to play: safe, risky, or something in between.
You're just doing a lot of empty babbling over statistics--without much REAL insight;I thought that you could do better than that with so many hours to think it over

Your 1:1 ratio is an arbitrary standard,so who decides how much deviation from the ratio is acceptable??YOU??Matt Cronin??Pam Shriver??What if it's 1:1.1 or 1:1.2??Would that mean that the player did a terrible job b/c he/she failed to meet your 1:1 ratio??Right now,you're just blabbing statistics without applying them in any intelligent,practical way.You've offered ABSOLUTELY ZERO to suggest what,specifically,Caroline did wrong--or what she should've done correctly.You're merely whining that she didn't play well and cowering behind raw stats,feigning expertise,without addressing any real issues

Caro's winner count might have NOTHING to do with her aggressiveness,or lack thereof,if she never had a CHANCE to hit winners due to being pinned on the baseline by an opponent's laser shots....or Caro might face an opponent on red clay who chases tons of balls down and is nearly impossible to hit winners against....EITHER of those factors could produce low winner counts for Caro while not saying jack squat about how aggressive she was or wasn't.Your first statement is simply moronic;if Caroline played superb defensive tennis and forced loads of errors,say 30 or more,from her opponent,then 14 UEs from Caro would be puny by comparison and she'd likely coast to a swift victory

Did you even WATCH the match,Protoss?Or are you just running your mouth based on what you read from some blog and pretending to know WTF you're talking about by twisting around a few stats to suit your philosophy??I've got some comrades in this forum who exceed my technical knowledge by far--some of whom are VERY critical of every aspect of Caro's game,win or loss--and most everyone seems to feel that she made some visible improvements.

Until you show me some sort of REAL insight to prove that you watched the match and took a few moments to analyze Caro's on-court play...instead of just reading the post-match statline...whose opinion do you suppose that I'll respect more??

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