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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Originally Posted by bruce goose View Post
Petra handled Aga pretty easily yesterday(and,at times,overpowered Serena in her last tourney),so could you be more specific on what,exactly,you expected from Caroline??Nothing less than a win??Hitting 14 UEs in a match with 19 games averages out to less than .7 UEs per game....I wouldn't call that a huge number even for a counterpuncher who rarely swings wildly away.Even FIT players are sometimes in less than peak form after a long 3-setter the previous day.That shouldn't be news to you,and it's not as if Caroline was huffing and puffing out there like a couple of her out-of-shape Adidas comrades would've been.

Are we supposed to count winners now as the primary barometer of Caroline's play??I'm all in favor of Caroline's being capable of ending points quickly with attacking shots but,if you're expecting her to lead the tourney winners counts,then you'll probably be disappointed and would be better off supporting a BBB
14 unforced errors is a lot if you have only 8 winners. Generally, about a 1 winner to 1 unforced error ratio is a good level of play.

Now you're just being silly. Caro's winner count is a partial measure of aggressiveness so it matters somewhat in assessing her play. If Caro has too low a winner count, there's a good chance she was playing it too safe/too defensively. If Caro has too high a winner count, there's a good chance she was playing it too risky/too aggressively. Caro's unforced error count of course matters a lot but the acceptable number of unforced errors depends a lot on how Caro is trying to play: safe, risky, or something in between.

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