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Re: Laura Robson: The Silver Medal Years 2012-

Yeah that video shows everything she hasn't really done so far this season. Good positioning on shots, on her toes, alert and moving around the court. She's gone back to looking slow and slightly stuck in the mud, increasing the chances of missing her shots.

What's the difference between then and now? Tricky to say, especially as we don't know what kind of training they did over the off season. Her build which could affect her movement hasn't noticeably changed. Is it mental? For whatever reason she just isn't as 'in the zone' as before? Does the chest infection have anything to do with it? Perhaps consciously or not she's holding back because of it, but then she had it last year when that video was made and it doesn't appear to have been hindering her then, unless it's got worse. Is she concentrating on other aspects of her game and 'forgetting' about the movement? But then you would think movement would be the one thing Krajan would emphasize every match? Or it could be something else entirely....

It's always frustrating when you look back on vids like that and you see she can do it, but then I'm sure Laura is even more frustrated. It's odd in a way as movement is normally something that you can make yourself do (unless your carrying an injury) compared to having the timing on your serve right or the right amount of rotation on a forehand.

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