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Originally Posted by annetcl View Post
^Too true - I am such a sucker for underdogs. I have Sam losing the plot today and LFC fighting valiantly but ultimately still going out of the Europa League today - just the shittiest day ever!

I am just too emotionally invested in Sam - just want her to do well so badly. Like you said - she is so nice and so good when she is on that you just hope that she gets her mojo back soon. For sure its a lot easier to support for Vika/Serena. Petra better win this whole damn tournament now! she is just about the only other top 10er besides Li Na that I find endearing and has a game that gets me excited when on.
Oh dear, you did have a bad day

Na and Petra are the only other top players I care much about as well. Not that I hate all of the others, but at best they leave me pretty cold. Only a pity that Petra and Na are rankings rivals with Sam (kind of), so sometimes I kind of want them to lose so that Sam has a chance of creeping a bit higher again

Very distressing that Sam's BH has deserted her so badly, because in patches there have actually been signs of improvement in other areas, particularly her net play (although that's still a bit hit and miss).

I don't think this loss was necessarily disastrous for Sam, and looking on the bright side at least she's only lost to decent players since she left Australia. But she badly needs to string a few more wins together than she has so far, and to chalk up some top 10 wins. A decent run on the US HCs would set her up nicely for a good clay season, but if she's still struggling by that point in the season it could be tough.
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