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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Originally Posted by Chrissie-fan View Post
Her admitting that (I presume) especially last year tennis was just a job for her is indeed interesting. Good to hear her say that she's got the hunger back. Maybe her relationship with Rory was emotionally so overwhelming to her that for awhile it was hard for her to keep her mind fully on tennis, but now she's learned to organize her life and deal with the relationship in such a way that it has less of an impact on her tennis. Let's hope so.
I think she might have just felt like a machine after some time. There were always annoying questions from the media all the time and probably her sponsors expectations also created some pressure.

I think Rory was the one who helped her to gain her motivation back as he understands how hard it is to be at the peak and how to deal with the pressure.
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