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Re: How to put pictures in my signature?

Originally Posted by lupojohn View Post
It's actually offense with an s, but no offense with what about i'm about to say. Why would they have to refund everyone's paid membership? What i'm saying is not to refund people's money, but to change the rule to allow everyone to put pictures in their signatures. You can still pay for your membership. As someone in a previous post said, this is a perk, which I disagree with, but i'm sure there are many other perks you paid members can receive. See, laughing makes it seem like the paid members are thumbing it in the non-paying members nose, even though that's probably not your intention. And you can't compare this to real life. Stuff is more serious in real life.
Um offence is the British spelling which we use in Australia.

Why would I pay membership for something which other people would get for free? I would want a refund and I'm sure all the other premium members would too.

And it practically is a "real life" situation. It's real money we're paying, if you went to a shop and you wanted something you would have to pay the money. Those who pay it get the item, those who don't have to miss out. That's just the way life works.
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