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Re: Julia Görges Interviews and Twitter thread

A slightly tuned google version

"Love letters? They are also in the post "[/ SIZE] [/ B]

Lübeck. Lübeck news: victories in Fed Cup or on the tour, which is more important - or more beautiful?

Julia Goerges: One can compare poorly. In Fed Cup you have a lot more pressure! You are playing for your country which is behind you, but the expectation are very high then.

Winning in Fed Cup some points for your team is a special emotional experience.

LN: The last tournament victory dates back quite a while, 2011 in Stuttgart. When will the next one?

Görges: 2012 I have had two runners-up, where I lost to the No. 4 and No. 1 in the world. As known I don`t focus on tournament victories and ranking points. I want to play good tennis and I improve a little every day - the rest comes by itself.

LN: Coach Sascha Nensel Is a godsend for you?

Görges: Through my coach Sascha Nensel I have improved steadily every year. You have to think in the long term and stable career. Over the years consistently good tennis and bring your performance continuously, that makes a top player, and we are working meticulously.

LN: What do you consider your strengths?

Görges: I have a very good impact, coupled with an aggressive game. I can also change the ball, play more spin, more height, or even a slice or and because of the many doubles matches I`m looking for approaching to the net .

LN: And what do you need to work on?

Görges: At my constancy.

LN: Is there - like in football - nemesis?

Görges: I do not think in these categories. You have to ask yourself each task and try to solve them.

LN: And "easy" opponents?

Görges: I also don`t think about such a thing. Each player can beat you, even though you may have never lost to them. I know better than to be careless because of that, it might be the beginning of the end in a match.

LN: your favorite tournaments?

Görges: Australian Open, Indian Wells and Stuttgart, which are tournaments with a nice atmosphere.

LN: And where do you hate playing?

Görges: There are none.

LN: How is your relationship with the other German players?

Görges: Our relationship is good, very comradely friendship, even outside of the Fed Cup.

LN: Mona Barthel has canceled the Fed Cup, wants to push her own career. She is an outsider?

Görges: She has her own ideas, goes its own way, which must be respected.

LN: Is there a reason why three players from Schleswig-Holstein to get involved in the world rankings?

Görges: That's the good air in Schleswig-Holstein and the survey - because the land is so flat. . . [: Worship: brilliant: lol:]

LN: When you play a tournament, as it is now in Dubai: Do you know then just the airport, the hotel and the tennis facility

Görges: Usually only hotel and tennis courts. All depends on how long you're in one place. Before the tournament, I'm focused on the task, then we usually have to fast to the airport.

LN: You practically live out of a suitcase. What do you take everything with us on a trip? Also make-up stuff?

Görges: I travel like everyone else, only that I would take a few more things sports.

LN: If you were not a tennis pro, where you would probably be working today?

Görges: I`m very interested infashion, watches and jewelry - perhaps a fashion designer, also driving a fashion company is probably an exciting and complex task.

LN: If your career is over in many years, what happens then?

Görges: Well certainly not a tennis coach and be on the road all year. Yet I have a little time to think about that to me.

LN: It was once said that you will be successor to Heidi Klum and Alexandra Neldel at Katjes. We unfortunately can not see you in photos or commercials on TV.

Görges: I have a contract with Katjes and I`m the so called successor of these two. And I`m wearing worldwide Katjes on the chest - and even love much more to eat it ! The plans to start a campaign are still in the making.

LN: Few players are married. Tennis is "poison" for starting a family?

Görges: Why should this be so? There are some families on the tour and it works well.

LN: How much fan mail do you get? Are there also love letters or marriage proposals ?

Görges: Yes, it's all there. But I think the sender expect silence about it. . .

LN: You look very well - modeling ambitions?

Görges: I want to play good tennis and are not particularly reduced in appearance.

LN: When Playboy calls - what do you say then?

Görges: That depends on what the caller asks.
LN: How much fan mail do you get? Are there also love letters or marriage proposals ?

Görges: Yes, it's all there. But I think the sender expect silence about it. . .
I also like the decent humour she is showing in that question.
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