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Re: Top 20 Aussie Girls

Originally Posted by Asadinator View Post
^ Dellacqua was Aussie #1 in 2008 .

Stosur was mediocre for most of her young career, stayed in middle of Top 100 between age 20 to 24.
Does anyone remember what her tennis was like in those years and what has changed?

Ash might become Aussie #2 by end of this year, well if she gets some easier draws and starts winning at WTAs. The other Aussies are all old and/or slumping.
Originally Posted by Daniel. View Post
I think the big change in Stosur was when she switched from that shanky Prince racquet to the Babolat, and started hitting more consistently and it was around then that her forehand especially seemed to just have so much more crazy topspin and power.
I think the first win with this racquet was over Sugiyama at Brisbane.
I may be wrong.
Yes the Babolate racquet certainly gave her game more pop.

Combination of things:
The increased doubles play sharpened her footwork and reflexes up alot - including having a good mentor in Lisa Raymond,
Committing to developing her claycourt game and getting just about instant results, increasing her confidence,
The Lymes disease giving her a sense that time was running out if she wanted to be a top player

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