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Re: The Official Married Names Thread

Originally Posted by newmark401 View Post

Born 19 October 1881
Died 14 November 1978
Married Frederik Beukema, 1908
Originally Posted by Vinkje83 View Post
Are you sure that Adriana Theodora is the one designated with the nickname "Anthonie"? A wikipedia colleague of mine reports that a Dutch birth register also mentions an older sister Van Aken named Anthonia Maria (born 1876) which is more likely to be called "Anthonie". The younger Adriana Theodora might be the same as "Z. van Aken" where Z. stands for the nickname "Zus". In Dutch "Zus" is short for zuster, just the same as in English "Sis" is short for sister. In the old days "Zus" was more often used for a younger sister than for an elder one.

Is your source for the nickname "Anthonie" belonging to Adriana Theodora still traceable? Please let me know if you can find this in historic papers.

Thanks many times for taking that trouble (might be a big effort, though - I apologize for that). Kind regards, Vinkje83
Vinkje83 is right, and now I have solved every doubt.

I have started from Dutch Wikipedia, that writes that Karel Willem Adriaan Beukema

(nephew of the tennis player Karel Beukema)

was son of Frederik "Frits" Beukema and Zus van Aken (1881-1978), and that he was born in 1909 in Indonesia, as his brother and his sister too. The family came back in the Netherlands after WWI.

I also knew that in 1910 Anthonie van Aken won the Mixed in the Dutch Championships, and this is the confirmation that the wife of Frederik "Frits" Beukema was not Anthonie but Zus (that in 1910 was in Indonesia).

At last I have found the definite confirmation


Born 19 October 1881
Died 14 November 1978
Married Frederik "Frits" Karel Jacob Beukema toe Water (1875-1930), 1908

Vinkje83... last September 19 I wrote you a message asking for Dutch tennis players, but you didn't answer.
As you are so expert in Dutch names, why don't you answer?
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