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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Originally Posted by goldenlox View Post
Its been 18 months of this form. I guess we have to accept this is it. The idea that she had to overhaul her old game, instead of slowing improving it, never made sense.
Still doesnt make sense. What is she overhauling? What is improving?
It looked like maybe late last year she was starting to make some deep runs, but most players were tired while Caro took a long break ( didnt win a match for 2 months during the summer)

To me, it looks just like Jankovic. Slamless #1 who cant win matches anymore, unless her early draw is super soft. The comparison is incredible because it happened so quickly & completely to both of them. Caroline only won 5 matches at the last 4 majors! Unbelievable, if you think where she was.
If they are thinking: slowly improve, how many more years until she tries hiring a full time coach, if ever?
The idea of overhaul of her game came because she's not won a slam and it was presented to them from many sides. So they decided to try that and we all know how it all ended up - things got worse.

I think as far as her results go you are writing her off too quickly.She defeated some tough opponents that people thought were a clear favourite to win (Barthel, Lisicki). That was hardly a soft draw. Her result at AO is a lot better than at last year's W and UO.
She's no 10 in the world and her results reflect that. She's not going to roll over all the competition. The improvements sometimes are reflected on the results after many months, it's not as fast as we'd like to see.
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