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Re: What are the religious inclinations of the top wta players?

Originally Posted by naranka View Post
I don't believe in any god. I find organized religion repugnant and the root of most evils (war, murder, persecution, intolerance, among other things) -- but I would never call myself an atheist. Why?

Because atheists share something in common with the religious, whom they decry: Atheists think they know for sure, without any doubt, that there is no god. Yet it is hypocritical for atheists to deride people with religious beliefs for having faith in a god when atheists are as certain in their belief that there is not a god as religious people are that there is a god.
No one can know for sure either way: You have to be dead to know. As an agnostic, I don't believe in a god, but I can't be 100% certain. No one (living) can.
Exactly this.

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