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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Well,let's face it. The only reason for such a fuss to be made is that Caro & Piotr are involved. If someone else would have done it the most of TF would not even notice. I mean, just taking Caro-Kuznetsova match at AO as example, nobody really cared about what Kuzzie did but if Caro was the one to take a medical timeout you'd hear the same comments as now.

Piotr did go over the top a bit but as Tennisfan says people should have a look at how other sports' coaches are reacting sometimes. Mr Woz just needs to let it be and leave it up to Caro to argue her case. If she feels like arguing, well, that's her right. A lot is at stake so she can express her opinion just like anyone else.
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