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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Contrary to DIAH's claims,I've never forbidden any critical fan from posting here.As long as posters aren't abusive towards Caroline,their opinions are welcome,as far as I'm concerned.

From another perspective,I can freely admit that Caro may not have found the wisest balance between personal and tennis life at times,but she's QUITE far from the worst,most unbalanced measure on that scale.There are several players on tour who've made it crystal clear,by their ACTIONS,that tennis is no more than a brief,money-making interruption from their frequent "sexcapades".There's one MEGA-phony slut who stands out from the crowd,and the WTA is desperately waiting for Godot(i.e.,her eternally-delayed "comeback")so that they can justify how they shamefully OVER-promoted as the future Queen of Tennis while she was unworthier of royalty than John Goodman's character in 'King Ralph'.

Even at her laziest lows,Caroline still trains MUCh harder than so many of the plastic cover girls who default matches or w/d from tourneys b/c of medical emergencies such as clogged skin pores.Further,I haven't even seen haters accuse Caroline of loafing,half-assing her way through matches.Those two criteria alone separate Caroline from so many in the rest of the pack,and her commitment makes her more likable as a person...and not just as a player

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