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Re: Going East for Success (February Thread)

The first set was disgusting. I think she made like 21 errors in 7 games which was just unacceptable. That's like 3 a game, and the fact Aga won 21 of her 31 points in the 1st off Ana errors shows you how bad it was. She didn't compete, it was a gutless show

But the second set, it was such a pleasant surprise. I mean, it would have been easy for her to just give up with the win and continue. But she really dug in. I was so proud of her because I just didn't expect that kind of reaction. She competed so well, you could see the fire, total opposite from the 1st. Especially the way she handled the wind all of a sudden and the way she stayed strong during those break points That game at 6-5 in the second set was an absolute disaster though Just undid all the good work she had put in for the whole set in one game. The tiebreak wasn't bad but Aga really stepped it up and showed why she's ranked where she is. Also, how bad was Ana's finishing today. Those volleys

Sadly, it's the same result Yet another loss. If she had won that second set, it would have done wonders for her. At least it would have been a step in the right direction. I can't help but be a little encouraged with that second set of course. In fact, in a strange way I am. You know, I hope she can pull some confidence out of the way she competed and build. Because that's the problem. She just doesn't believe in herself enough when she faces these top players. That game at 6-5 was a prime example. Like I've said, it's not like she's an up and comer and there's plenty of time. I'm happy she's living up to her seeding these days but she's a total non-factor to the top player these days. She can't even win sets off them. It's just sad
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