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Originally Posted by Allez-y View Post
My interest in the sport arose some years back through school and being captivated at the time by Wimbeldon. Over time making different contacts in the sport or industry, eg through intros, work, travel, going to events, or just by chance. It's shocking to learn how Tennis Australia and the AIS works. Listen to what the majority of players are up against. Many cannot speak up, some brave ones do (look elsewhere in the forum). Having experienced similar circumstances in life (not tennis) trying to get a "fair go" triggers the passion to expose the system for what it is. I came across this forum from google search on players I've seen play. Whether they go anywhere is of no benefit to me, though I can't help feeling for them. It's easy to cheer the favourites, but they have the advantage anyway and are expected to win. Each to their own, though I champion the underdog battling the odds, and can relate to those of mixed ancestry coming from nowhere, because I know what it's like for them. Allez-y is a form of encouragement at sporting events, if travelling overseas you'll hear it.

What's your story?
Nice post. I expect you would've probably agreed with the Four Corners segment on TA.
Sums the situation up to a tee!

For Mildura, Brooke Rischbieth has been playing Ok lately. Glad to see she's got a go!

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