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Re: Do you support Gay Marriage?

Originally Posted by HippityHop View Post
"I think" being the operative phrase here. How do you decide that two people in a committed relationship should be the only type allowed? What is a good argument against three or four more people in a committed relationship?
1. It's obvious that group marriage is quite different than a two-person marriage. I don't see how anyone could deny this.

2. There are pragmatic legal issues concerning group marriage. Current law can easily accommodate a two-person same-sex marriage. But if more people are added into the equation, then many laws/benefits would have to be changed.

3. The most cogent argument for same-sex marriage doesn't rely on the truth of the premise that "people should be able to marry whomever they love". It relies on the premises that same-sex marriage (and homosexuality) isn't inherently harmful and denying same-sex marriage rights is denying a group of people (gay people) equal rights. I don't believe that an equal rights argument can be made w.r.t. polygamous marriage.

I do support polygamous marriage. But there seems to be a (widely held) belief that one's support of same-sex marriage commits them to supporting polygamous marriage. That's not at all true.
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