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Re: Which of these is the Single Greatest Shot of all time in Women's Tennis?

Originally Posted by doujyr View Post
i watched a VHS (recall that? ) recording i made of the graf novotna final the other day and there were an awful lot of ues, far more than i care to remember in rosy hindsight!
About 6 yrs ago I started buying Steffi DVDs and as I rewatched old matches and the unforced errors stuck out more to me than anything else. they aren't like the UEs of today with players going for shots and missing them, often times they were just routine shots.

The Seles Graf FO is regarded as one of the greatest matches but the first set and a half is nothing but errors- real poor play but they made up for that late in the second and all through the third.

Steffi deserves all the accolades and praise and she truly is the greatest player of all time IMO, but it's not because her forehand was was a shot that could and did go awry and produce a mountain of errors. I only bothered to mention that because no one else ever With all that said its still arguably one of the all time best shots- that in itself is a reason for it to go down as the best shot. Although I'm sticking pick for Serena's serve.

Funny thing is if u asked Steffi if she could have Serena's serve but not her forehand she would say he'll freaking no- and if u asked Serena if she could have Steffi's forehand and give her serve she would probably smash her racquet over your head... the weapons that each player possessed was perfectly suited for their games.

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