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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Originally Posted by Chrissie-fan View Post
I agree, and I don't even blame the players themselves. It's professional sports with huge sums of money and worldwide fame at stake, so players are tempted to use anything that they think might give them an edge and they are likely to bend the rules to their advantage if they can get away with it. But the powers that be in the game should be more strict. There's really no point in having a set of rules when in reality everyone can do whatever they want. I don't mean that they should be dictatorial. Giving for example someone a warning because they take two seconds too long between serves is a bit petty. But consistently taking forty instead of twenty seconds is of a different order. Same for the injury time-outs and toilet breaks. Tennis is the only sport I know where you can actually HAVE such a thing as an injury time-out. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but once a player goes beyond a certain limit the umpire should should say, "sorry, but if you need that much time you're simply not fit to play. Match goes to your opponent."
You are correct that the WTA is largely responsible for the problem,but that doesn't completely absolve the players of blame,either.To give you an analogous situation,would you be content if I robbed you at gunpoint on your next visit to our beaches...with the justification,'Oh,I can't blame him for robbing me b/c the police are so corrupt and set such a bad example.'---that was a rhetorical question,because you'd be one HELLUVa guy if you were that benevolent towards those who took advantage of you

I don't mind if other posters want to shoot this down,but I can't recall ONE occasion when Elena D. did the stuff that you're referring to...if she DID,then it was truly once in a blue moon.I can't recall Caro's doing it,either.There are plenty of inbred haters who'd invent scenarios from their imaginations,yet I haven't heard any neutral parties,or even too many haters,accusing her of that.Even when weakness encourages manipulation,we still have our consciences as a guide,and some use it FAR more than others.

Caro's Adidas teammate,for example,will concoct retroactive injuries two weeks after the fact to excuse an ass-whupping,even when the whole world heard her admit that she felt fine in her post-match pressers.She'll also invent B.S. injuries whenever she feels like slutting around again on the weekend with her current sexual partner for that month.The latest masterpiece is a shoulder injury that mysteriously manifested itself several days AFTER an AO loss...yet DIDN'T prevent her from playing an MM and getting her ass kicked by a journeywoman...suddenly flared up again and gave her an alibi to abandon her FC teammates...and then magically healed 2 days later for Doha.That's almost the height of arrogance...and the WTA is a HUGE facilitator of such behavior with their constant pampering of her.

To summarize,I partially agree with you,but players should still be held accountable for their actions.That's one big reason why I'm a Caro fan;she never makes me ashamed to support her,even when she slumps,b/c of who she is AS A PERSON.....Oh,and congrats to Caroline for rendering a Lucky Loser unlucky again

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