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Re: What are the religious inclinations of the top wta players?

Originally Posted by Monzanator View Post
Isn't like spreading the word in the open an official way of Jehova Witnesses? I swear this is the most public-oriented religion in the world apart from Islam. Keeping your Jehova beliefs in private is kinda against the pattern so no wonder Serena thanks her God every now and again
Yeah, its a common part of the religion so nobody should be surprised about it. If I were her I'd keep it under wraps though. I knock off a few IQ points whenever I find out someone is religious, but moronic cults like JWs earn double digits.

I don't think any players are particularly devout. Playing tennis tournaments and travelling around the world constantly makes it a bit difficult to make it to Church every Sunday for starters. Being professional athletes who need a specific diet I am sure that a lot of the Hindus, Muslims, Jews etc. eat foods that aren't on their prescribed lists and aren't too fussy about things like kosher/halal preparation.

I dare say that players from more religious countries pretend to be more religious than they are in order to help their public image. Sania Mirza has publically said a few times that she opposes sex before marriage to placate Muslim groups, but she's been a public speaker at safe sex seminars and I am willing to bet she wasn't a virgin when she and Shoaib Malik tied the knot.

If I was cynical I would say that Sharapova's Orthodox Cross is part of her brand. She's put a lot of effort into ensuring that her status as a sex symbol has remained on the classy end of the spectrum. In Russia, respecting religion is often the mark of a 'good' girl. The cross emphasises that - this girl might be amazingly sexy, but she's still the girl you could bring home to your family.

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