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Re: What are the religious inclinations of the top wta players?

I don't necessarily think you can judge someone's religion by what cross they wear if any. Maybe Sharapova's cross is a personal item that's been in the family for a long time, or a personal gift or something.

Also if some people say they're 'catholic' it can mean a whole range of things. I would personally have called myself a catholic up until a few years ago even though I haven't believed in God (or anything supernatural) for many many years, simply because I was brought up that way and it was the 'easy' answer to give if anyone asked.

Now that I've thought about it more carefully I wouldn't call myself a catholic anymore.

But if you're 23 or something and have spent almost all your life playing tennis you're going to say you have your parent's religion even if you don't believe/practice to any extent simply because you haven't considered otherwise.

I'm not saying this is wrong, you can call yourself what you like as far as I'm concerned, but we just shouldn't draw any conclusions as to what they actually believe or what influence that may have over their life or their tennis.

And finally it's largely none of our business, unless players chose to make it so.
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