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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Originally Posted by goldenlox View Post
Players really do get injured, so they have to allow matches to stop for player safety.
You've seen Caroline, at a YEC, in a Copenhagen final, go down to the ground.
This is a physical sport. Fans cant assume they know who's healthy and who is injured.
Players have to schedule carefully. I've seen players try to make every Fed Cup tie, they play a lot of extra long tough matches, than players who choose to play Fed Cup when their schedules are open
And of course you are right in one way - I'm only mentioning the examples which IMHO did look fake. Another thing to me it's an honour to play for one's country and that's why I'm a bit sour at the players mentioned that they are not giving back when they should IMHO. It could be fairly easy to avoid fake injuries by saying they can't take part in the upcoming week's tournament. I think you'll see a drastic fall in injuries IMHO. I also think that Caro should help Denmark in May even if it's in the rock bottom of the FED cup IMHO.
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