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Re: Three Hands #3 - Dubai


Post  Participant  Hand 1    Hand 2             Hand 3

01013 coolfish1103 Wozni QF  Kvito QF/Stosu SF  Erran F/S.Wil W/A.Rad SF
01014 tina110      Wozni QF  Kerbe SF/Erran QF  A.Rad SF/S.Wil F/Safarova W
01015 goOudinUSA   Stosu QF  Kvito QF/Kerbe SF  A.Rad SF/S.Wil F/Lepch W
02016 OhNaNa       Stosu QF  Kerbe SF/A.Rad QF  S.Wil SF/Kvito F/Petro W
02017 Buitenzorg   Goerg QF  A.Rad QF/S.Wil SF  Stosu SF/Kvito F/Wozni W
02019 valac222     Kvito QF  Wozni QF/Kerbe SF  A.Rad SF/S.Wil F/Erran W
02020 Meelis       Kvito R2  Cibul R2/Stosu QF  Goerg F/A.Rad W/Wozni SF
02021 Heinann      Stosu QF  Wozni QF/Kvito QF  A.Rad SF/Kerbe F/S.Wil W
02022 Drake1980    Wozni QF  Stosu QF/S.Wil SF  Barto W/A.Rad F/Kvito SF
02023 Monzanator   Robso R2  Wozni QF/Kvito QF  A.Rad SF/Azare F/S.Wil W
02024 JustPetko    Robso R2  Kvito QF/Stosu QF  S.Wil W/Wozni F/A.Rad SF
02025 champion88   Wozni QF  Kerbe SF/Stosu QF  S.Wil W/Azare F/A.Rad SF
02026 Igorche      Wozni QF  Makar SF/Kerbe QF  Azare W/Steph F/A.Rad SF
02027 Kylger       Wozni QF  Erran QF/Stosu QF  A.Rad SF/Goerg F/S.Wil W
02028 Barktra      Erran R2  Cibul R2/Stosu QF  Kvito F/A.Rad W/Wozni SF
02029 taloki       Goerg QF  A.Rad QF/Stosu SF  Kvito SF/Petro F/S.Wil W
02030 Chilenaitor  Wozni QF  Stosu QF/S.Wil SF  Kvito SF/Barto F/A.Rad W
03031 feifei       Stosu QF  Kvito QF/A.Rad SF  Kerbe SF/Erran F/S.Wil W
03032 DiRenan      Kvito QF  Kerbe QF/Stosu SF  Wozni SF/Cibul F/S.Wil W
03033 luvwilliams  Wozni QF  Kvito QF/Kerbe SF  A.Rad SF/Barto F/S.Wil W

So what happens when a friend or partner holds a different opinion against your favorite?
- Agree to disagree, don't hold grudges for someone else

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