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Re: Three Hands #3 - Dubai

Ranking Points

Ranking Rule
- Points earned in each tournament (subject to tournament bonuses) will be added to your ranking
- Max 16 tournaments will count, no mandatory tournaments

Tournament Bonuses

Tournament   WIN  RUP   3-4  5-8  9-16

Grand Slam  x16  x12.8 x9.6 x6.4 x3.2
Premier M.  x8   x6.4  x4.8 x3.2 x1.6
Premier 5   x6   x4.8  x3.6 x2.4 x1.2
Premier     x4   x3.2  x2.4 x1.6
Int.        x2   x1.6  x1.2
- Participants ranked 1-8 will be able to play YEC, with 2 alts
- 8 Participants not in YEC who have won an Int. this year will be able to play TOC, with 2 alts

Tournament   WIN  RUP   3rd   4th   5th  6th  7th  8th

YEC         x25  x22.5 x20   x17.5 x15  x12.5 x10  x7.5
TOC         x10  x9    x8    x7    x6   x5    x4   x3
Ranking Tie Break (in case there are participants who receive equal points)
- Lesser total number of tournaments participated, if equal
- Points earned in Grand Slams, if equal
- Points earned in Premier Mandatories, if equal
- Points earned in Premier 5, if equal
- Points earned in Premiers, if equal
- Points earned in Internationals, if equal
- Stay tied

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