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Re: Three Hands #3 - Dubai


- Each participant must choose 6 different players participating in the tournament before main draw begins and mark the round the player will advance.
- The 6 players must be arranged in the fashion where they are in 3 hands (groups).
- If you choose a qualifier before qualifying is finished, identify the draw spot. Q1 = first Q on the draw
- You may not select a LL as one of your players. If the Q chosen on the list happens to be a LL, the next Q down the list will be used.
- You may not change your picks once you have posted.

- Hand 1 = 1 player
- Hand 2 = 2 players
- Hand 3 = 3 players
- 1 back up player may be listed for each player in case there's a withdrawal. No duplicates.

Points Earned
- Each hand receives points according to the following chart

    Size  W   F   SF  QF  R16 R32 R64 R128

128 Draw  7   6   5   4   3   2   1   0
 64 Draw  6   5   4   3   2   1   0
 32 Draw  5   4   3   2   1   0

          W   F   SF  RR3 RR4

 RR       4   3   2   1   0
- Chosen players who received BYE and lost in their first match will receive 0 points.
- Each hand will receive points according to the the round each player chosen lost in the tournament, though
- Hand 2 must beat Hand 1, or it's invalid. If it's a valid hand, points (x2).
- Hand 3 must beat Hands 1 & 2, or it's invalid. If it's a valid hand, points (x3).
- Perfect Hands: Receiving best possible points before hand bonuses applied will have total points (x2).
- No perfect hands bonuses will be awarded for tournaments in RR format.
- Invalid hands receive 0 points.

Tournament Tie Break (in case there are participants who receive equal points)
- Number of valid hands, if equal
- Total points acquired in Hand 2 & Hand 3, if equal
- Total points acquired in Hand 3, if equal
- Total points acquired in Hand 2, if equal
- Number of correct rounds per player named, if equal
- Lesser of deviation points earned for the rounds, if equal
- Greater of total rankings combined for the six players chosen, if equal
- Whoever posted their hands first

Deviation Points - Further Explanation

You will earn deviation points for each incorrect round predicted. Using AO 2013 as an example:

coolfish1103 picked Ivanovic for Round 32, but she reached R16, that's equivalent of 1 deviation point
Drake1980 picked Kerber for QF, but she reached R16, that's also equivalent of 1 deviation point
SAISAI-GOAT picked S.Williams for W, but she reached QF, that's equivalent of 3 deviation points

Each participant will predict the rounds the six players, so total deviation points will be the sum

Total Ranking Points - Further Explanation

If we can still not find a result by using deviation points, we will use the total ranking points of the six players combined. We will award risky choices by awarding the greater sum of the total ranking points.

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