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Re: Raymond for doubles

Kiri may go back to doubles someday to win that elusive doubles grand slam. But the truth is doubles has drained her singles game on occasion when she has made the QF and beyond. For Kiri to go deep into tournaments things have to be right for her like her health and feeling fresh. She wants to give singles a real run for a year or so and not have the fatigue in her singles game that doubles sometimes caused her. I doubt Kiri would have won Pattaya if she played doubles there too and won a couple rounds in doubles. She barely had enough energy to finish off the singles title against the much bigger and stronger Lisicki.

I still wish Maria would play doubles in the grand slams but for now she has put doubles to the side. It's kind of shocking because she's so good at doubles but it's her decision. I understand her decision because if you look back to the Olympics Kiri was exhausted making the semi's in singles and doubles and she barely had enough energy left to win a bronze medal in doubles after Vika routined her in singles for the bronze medal. Playing big and strong girls like Georges, Sharapova and Azarenka the way Maria did in the London Olympics with no days off took a toll on Kiri and took something out of her singles game. She knows it and she lives with it which is why she made this interesting doubles decision. Kiri and Petrova did well to win the bronze medal in doubles.

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