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Re: Testing an Idea for an Encyclopedia of Female Tennis Players

Rollo, I've modified your templates a bit. I like your idea of using linear text, of course with women who married more than just once we cannot avoid filling a few verses. But I think we shouldn't cut existing info, otherwise a person who posts or edits results of tournaments will still need to visit additional places to identify a player.

I suggest to separate things using square brackets, the things below look quite tidy to me now , more like Encyclopedia entries - I chose some married players as my examples, and there's DD who hasn't been married yet, I also added another woman for whom we don't have too much info - in this way we can indicate that such a person existed, played competitive tennis and that we need more details about her.

AKHURST, Daphne Jessie (Australia) [22 April 1903-9 Jan 1933] [Mrs. Royston Stuckey Cozens from 26 Feb 1930] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Allerdice, Mrs.T. [SEE HANSELL, Ellen Forde]

AUSTIN, Joan Winifred (United Kingdom) [23 Jan 1903-2 April 1998] [Mrs. R. Lycett, 12 Feb 1925-8 Feb 1935; Mrs. F. R. Chiesman, 18 Sept 1936-???; Mrs. D. S. Jepson, 22 Dec 1948-???; Mrs. D. A. Baker from 1 March 1973] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Cassebeer, Mrs. C. F. T. [SEE KUTTROFF, Clara]

Chiesman, Mrs. F. R. (18 Sept 1936-before 22 Dec 1948) [SEE AUSTIN, Joan Winifred]

CLEMENTS, Elizabeth Evelyn "Betty" (United Kingdom) [12 Feb 1920- ] [Mrs. Raymond Hilton, 2 Sept 1942-???; Mrs. Andrew James Christopher Harrison, 19 June 1950-???; Mrs. Lesley Raymond Smart, from 19 Sept 1973] [Active 1930s-50s]

COYNE, Thelma Dorothy (Australia) [14 October 1918- ] [Mrs. Maurice Newton Long, 30 Jan 1941-1946 or 1947] [Active 1930s-1950s.]

Cozens, Mrs. R.S. (from 26 Feb 1930) [SEE AKHURST, Daphne Jessie]

DESFOR, Diane (United States) [15 June 1955- ] [Active 1970-82]

HANSELL, Ellen Forde (United States) [18 Sept 1869-11 May 1937] [Mrs. Taylor Allerdice] [Active 1890s]

Harrison, Mrs. A. J. C. (19 June 1950-???) [SEE CLEMENTS, Elizabeth Evelyn "Betty"]

Hilton, Mrs. R. (2 Sept 1942-???) [SEE CLEMENTS, Elizabeth Evelyn "Betty"]

Kriegs-Au, (Mrs.) Tila (Austria) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s] [SEE ???]

KUTTROFF, Clara (United States) [24 April 1882-28 Jan 1971] [Mrs. Charles Frederick Theodore Cassebeer] [Active 1910s-1920s]

Lewis, Mrs. M. P. (from 28 June 1941) [SEE MADDEN, Mercedes "Baba"]

Long, Mrs. M. N. (30 Jan 1941-1946/47?; divorced, but still played under her married name) [SEE COYNE, Thelma Dorothy]

Lycett, Mrs. R. (12 Feb 1925-8 Feb 1935) [SEE AUSTIN, Joan Winifred]

MADDEN, Mercedes "Baba" (United States) [1920- ] [Mrs. Morey Price Lewis, from 28 June 1941] [Active 1930s-1960s.]

I would be pleased to hear some comments from people interested in the history of female tennis

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