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Re: On the Concept of Irony w/ Continual Reference to Caro, the #1 Sunshine Queen

Originally Posted by bruce goose View Post
Will try to keep this brief....This is not a slap at you Europeans,but I think that the popularity of Day-care Nanny Socialism stems from the delusion that government can somehow learn to avoid societal problems by regulating all aspects of our lives...and manage to placate everyone who complains by passing out monthly goody baskets--even though there's no money in the treasury to PAY for such handouts.As you hint at,the ultimate goal of these Nanny Socialists is a unified One World government that far surpasses the EU in scope.

Most of the rich folks I've met are pompous assholes...and I'm ALL in favor of helping the needy get on their feet.However,it's asinine when you have over half the country getting government handouts...when the economy is already struggling.As much as we hate to admit it,we need those rich folks to run successful businesses so that they can expand and offer jobs to working-class types.Fomenting a bunch of juvenile,ideological Marxist class warfare manure and then raising crippling business regulations only drives investors overseas where they can build factories with those who maintain slave labor conditions like the PRC...and then we'll have ZERO jobs available.Great plan!

We had a jackass named Manuel Obrador,a Hugo Chavez puppet,who almost won our presidency and imposed such garbage on us back in 2006....And now Obrador's slick-talking fraud of a negro cousin is running the U.S. economy STRAIGHT DOWN THE TOILET.You try to point people towards Athens to explain what happens when the Sugar Daddy money inevitably runs out,but it goes back to the old saying: A hard head will invariably lead to a soft ass...and there are gonna be a whole lot of soft asses,who learnt the hard way,on this planet in the coming years
I heard some economy experts saying Japan would be the next country to go bankrupt because of unsustainable government debt even before the United States and European Union. Which is a pretty interesting thing on different levels imho. Because Japan was an absolute capitalistic success story since end of World War II and even more they have a work ethic in which it isnt socially acceptable to laze around, they always had few immigrants they would need to feed, they dont have to spent much for the military cause USA is ruling their military and defense politics, they have pretty weak unions compared to Europe and America. So if they fail maybe it could be because the economy system changed a lot since 1945 with this much speculative money in the economy which hardly creates industralial jobs or even has anything to do with the real economy. but maybe this is a marxist opinion.

Other thing thats interesting there in my eyes are the different opinions out there in the economy community, with some folks arguing they would master this crisis better than mediterranian countries cause they have their own currency and governent can implement inflation/deflation policy as they wish, whereas others say this wouldnt help at all. Should be a good indicator to see when and if quantative easing will ruin the US.

I also just think it will be really difficult for people to accept that we wont have the social welfare state in Europe anymore in the 21 th century in which people had a comfortable life. In some countries its still kind of working like Scandinavia but not long anymore i guess. In the end it will be the reality cause of Globalization, the weak birth rate in Europe, the inmigration etc, but most likely general living standard will be much lower in 50 years than it is now even if people try to adept to the necessities of the new economical situation. but what can you do, its just a grey prospect.

I think in your region Costa Rica had a much better living standard, less violence than neighboring countries too. But there are slightly difficult reasons for that than in case of the prosperity advantage Europe had have. Dont know how much welfare state they have and how the drug war and Cafta will effect their economy and society.

Also just wanted to point out, that social unrest in China will break out at large scale too in the next decades imho like we can expect them for Europe for different reasons obviously and that East Germany mostly still is much poorer than the old part of BRD, which shows what the economical loser countries in Europe can expect.
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