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Re: Your tennis results?!

Today was a bad day, with a silver lining.

It was a rematch VS the guy I played in just my second club match late last year - a really short young kid who hits surprisingly big. On that occasion he thrashed me 1 & 1. Today was much closer, but a big missed opportunity.

Well, tennis can either make your day or ruin it, depending how the match goes .

I started off up a break but lost the set 4-6 in the end. After that I was on a tear for a while. I raced out to 4-0, and he was serving and I had a BP for 5-0 but didn't get it. And then my lead just disappeared. At 5-5 I broke again but didn't serve out successfully to force a deciding STB. Then I played a stinker of a TB. GSM other guy, 6-4 7-6. We played for almost 2 hours.

Then I lost doubles (first to nine games at interclub), but by then my give-a-fuck-o-meter was completely drained...

Losing from almost 5-0 up sucks ass . But the silver lining is that my mental focus was much-improved today. Obviously it let me down again when it mattered, but nowhere near as badly as usual. Today was, I think a growth. I normally lose every single deuce game, but today I won a fair few.

This is also the first time I've lost quite a close match. I've won a couple of close matches (against players I think I could've beaten more easily if I was mentally stronger), but every loss I've had has been extremely one-sided. Not the case today. This marked the first time I played a good match VS someone and lost narrowly. This was probably also the first time I was encouraged to play better after losing a first set rather than being discouraged at having played such an awful first set...

Excuse the essay, I just had a lot to get out .
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