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Re: Entry List?

Originally Posted by spiceboy View Post
Not really. You know you have real options to get 50 points for a win knowing you won't be playing any top 32 player in the first round so a win is quite realistic.

Not to mention the awesome benefits from playing MD instead of Q. In IW knowing you are playing Miami next they give you a minimum of 10 free nights in the official (and luxury) hotel, so even if you lose in under an hour in the first round you get some paid holidays in a top resort in California Q players get just 2 nights free accomodation (in a worse hotel). Miami also gives free rental car to every player in MD and 7 nights of free accomodation in a top hotel. Not to mention the big $$$ you get for MD instead of Q. Believe me, no players would choose to play in Q rather than MD, especially in IW/Miami
So much benefits...

But I am not so sure if there's much to do at Indian Wells other than shopping at Desert Hills, it's so far off LA area.

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