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And in English. I`m quite astonished about the pretty good translation that google offers. That was a little very different not long time ago.

Tennis - Barthel exclusive: "A completely different way of life"

Tennis pro Mona Barthel uses its opportunities. Although only in its second year on the way complete on the WTA Tour, it has brought the 22-year-old with three finals appearances on two tracks. In an exclusive interview with betrays Segebergerin bathroom, where she gets an early age their mental strength. In addition, talks about Barthel tent nights, shot put and the competition.

Interview by Tobias Laure

You have just won the WTA tournament in Paris and beaten it with Marion Bartoli and Sara Errani two top-10 players. You have to leave during the course of any tiebreak tournament. Where do you get this mental strength?

Mona Barthel: I have already made in the last season some good games on the tour, including against Victoria Azarenka, the world number one. These games were against other top players that I have, however, lost many tiebreaks. These experiences help me but now, because I know that I also have very good against adversaries my chance. I am now much better able to play in the major my strongest tennis and in the tiebreak fully be there. Even if it does not work perfectly, the belief and the rest are always there.

A day after her victory in Paris you have posted on your website: "Back in the real world." The great successes you seem a little strange.

Barthel: Good point - and this very special success in Paris was unexpected. When I arrived I was absolutely not expecting to win this great and so generously staffed tournament. I had to beat three players in the top 15. That I can do, already was quite a surprise and a breakthrough for me.

It is not so long ago that you stayed at tournaments in the tent and had to withstand adverse conditions. Do you miss those days already?

Barthel: You can not compare these phases. At that time, I played the small tournaments. Since there was often not even spectators. But it's true: I've camped, sometimes at temperatures around freezing. That was a completely different life. Now I'm playing big tournaments on the other hand, big courts against the best players in the world. I miss the old tent-time, I would not say. But I am very glad that they were there. I could learn so much by it. And now I just enjoy the great hotels and stadiums on the WTA Tour. For me were and are important both worlds.

2012 You have played your first full year on the tour and the Australian Hobart equal garnered its first title. They still live off of this key event?

Barthel: I think of course again, because this first title came totally unexpected. I then came out of the qualifying into the main draw and then I won the tournament. This year I again stood in the final in Hobart and it was for me, despite losing to Jelena Wesnina a success. So Hobart I always associate with very happy memories.

By now you are ranked 28 in the world rankings, as high as ever. How far up can it go this season?

Barthel: Wow, that's hard to say. I do hope that it goes up. But first, I'm incredibly happy that I've cracked the first time the top 30th Sure, there is the potential for more, especially since I have to defend the middle of the season a few points. The focus is not on the ranking, but to develop my game and this progress in the match retrieve.

The German women's tennis is on the rise for years. Sabine Lisicki, Andrea Petkovic, Julia Goerges and last Angelique Kerber especially have been a hit and are the focus of media interest. Does that make it easier for you to develop in peace, you can even virtually in the shadow of the other.

Barthel: There is no denying that fact I have more time and rest. When my first WTA title would have come a few years earlier, when the German successes were not there, then that would certainly have been very different. I prefer but my benefits from the situation that we in Germany have so many strong players.

As the competitors go on the tour with you to the newcomer?

Barthel 2012, in my first year on the tour, many did not know me. After the success of Hobart and some good matches, this has changed dramatically. As many have noted that there still is a player from Germany. Meanwhile, the competitors know me and my game very well. So I am more happy that I still could stand to win in Paris.

You can talk with your career from a family business. She accompanied her mother on the tour, his father, formerly a very good shot putter, is responsible for the strength training. How good are you in the shot put?

Barthel (laughs): I have actually done once and never operated properly. Otherwise, however, I tried many things, from table tennis to hockey through to athletics - but since no shot put!

You will maintain the family-career model?

Barthel: My parents are the most important people in my career, my whole life I've been training with them. This was not limited to tennis, but also included strength and conditioning training. That was when we always have. But I'm also open to new ideas, new approaches. In Paris, for example, I worked for the first time with coach Jacek Szygowski. 2012, I, incidentally, was also looking for a coach, but that has to fit just ...

... So you are now firmly with Szygowski?

Barthel: For such a decision, it is still too early. The collaboration with Jacek came together very spontaneously. I had never met him before and he did not. The contact came at the Australian Open, by trainer Robert Orlik. He proposed that the cooperation and we have tried the simple times in Paris.

On the tour, it's for you now continue with the tournaments in Doha, Dubai, Indian Wells and Miami - all important hard court tournaments. What are your expectations?

Barthel: I take my goals as never before semi-final or final. For it is also very much on the circumstances, the draw, the feeling. So I concentrate on my game to get better.

Then let me suggest a specific goal: How about with a new record in Grand Slam tournaments? So far, its best result is the 3rd Round at the Australian Open to book.

Barthel: Yes, that would be nice indeed. Recently it has not at the Grand Slam tournaments works well for me so that I would like to change. But since I first in the last four major competitions in each of the Round I failed, it can only get better (laughs)
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