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Re: GET IN SHAPE THREAD: Weight-loss, Dieters, and Exercise-enthusiast

Originally Posted by Sir Stefwhit View Post
Well the good news is I'm down 20lbs the bad news is that I'm facing a huge, potentially life changing, event that could be disastrous and horrific for me. I'm at a stage where I just have to wait and see how things play out (don't want to get into the personal details).

This enormous stress I'm currently under is making me turn to my drug of choice food. I baked a cake last night and ate half of it and I won't even tell u how many bowls of chili I had. I wish I could diffuse stress by working out but I'm fighting just to keep a positive attitude about my life and current circumstances. If I didn't know before I know it now- I'm totally a stress eater.
I know it's easier said than done, but you should not let the stress take control over you. In fact, if you could have 5 healthy meals a day and some work out, it could help you to deal with stress better. As I said, it's much easier said and done, but remember that binge eating not only that can't help you, it will make it worse. It will make you feel the guilt, it will make you feel depressed. If you gain your weight back, you will feel like all your effort was useless. And trust me, when you gain weight after big effort, it's so hard to find motivation. So, when you feel like eating, take a walk, go to gym, call a friend, visit some sites about weight loss, think about all your effort to lose weight and mostly important convince yourself that it's not gonna solve anything. Or find some other autosuggestion technique, but don't eat unless you're hungry.
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