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Re: *Vika Azarenka Cheering Thread* - Vikalume 4.

From Jon Wertheim's mailbag for Sports Illustrated.

I hope you're done kissing Victoria Azarenka's behind. But something tells me that you're not. After reading a few of your columns, I can't help but think that you're on her payroll as a major butt-kisser. And here I was, along with the majority of fans and commentators (I don't mean Azarenka's fans), thinking that what she did was one of the most terrible lapses of judgment a player has committed in a very, very long time, when you come along and top it by complimenting her on a job well done. You are a piece of work. So, following your line of thinking, you might as well compliment Jeffrey Dahmer for his people skills. I mean, after all, it does take a great amount of skills to lure victims into his apartment such as he did. You, sir, are a disgrace. You should go and get yourself checked. Have a good day.
-- Jerry, West Texas
• Azarenka blowback continues. That was con. Here's pro:
It's more like Azarenka-hate than -gate. I was happy to see the Mailbag's headline, In Defense Of Azarenka. Those exact words have been going through my head for a week. Largely, everyone's reaction to the medical timeout reflects their feelings toward Azarenka before it happened. (To wit: How often are those people outraged by the scads of other poorly timed medical timeouts and bathroom breaks we've seen?) I don't think it's completely naive to think Azarenka was suffering some physical problem; the physical and mental states are hardly independent. If the rules allow, players must prioritize their health because no one else during a match can do it for them. We've now sent the message to players that they aren't allowed to suffer an injury at a critical stage of a match. At least Azarenka isn't.

-- Megan F., Indianapolis
The first guy . What a nut, think he should take his own advice at the end.
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