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Re: News confirmed: No tennis on Eurosport in 2013 outside the slams

Originally Posted by SerenaMJ View Post
This is really ridiculous, even channels which bought the rights are showing only QF, SF, F. Honestly this is a joke, is WTA so pround of the move? We will see when sponsors start to back off. No one will be interested in sponsoring product which is not promoted on television.
How much did Eurosport actually pay for the rights (if at all)?. Because lets face it they have them because BT Vision don't have a proper platform until July-August. I have a feeling Eurosport don't care because they have no real contract as such, so why does it matter to them to promote the sport. Snooker is the best of the other stuff they have (viewing figures wise) so they give it priority.

Obviously ultimately this is WTA's fault, they sold to a channel that have no platform to show the product on, a subscription channel starting from scratch that will initially have very few viewers. Unfortunately it seems the WTA has no long term plan, they take the quickest buck with no thought if it actually benefits long term.

This is made more ludicrous by the fact that Sky Sports were interested but BT Vision were willing to pay more (as they were desperate to get any old sport on their platform), despite the fact Sky Sports would have been a far better decision from a promotional stand point as we know they hype every sport they have through the roof, and constantly hammer it home on their 24/7 news channel.
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