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Re: Mona Barthel News & Opinion

An interview with Mona on (translated from german into english by google; not a good translation but i hope you can understand the interview to the greatest possible extent):

Mona Barthel exclusive:
"For me, there is
still a long way to go"
The 22-year-old talks about her tournament victory in Paris, about the cancellation in the Fed Cup and her passion besides tennis.

By Christian Albrecht Barschel

Mona Barthel has the WTA Premier tournament in Paris won her second title on the WTA Tour, and is thus the first time in the top 30 in the world rankings. The Neumünsteranerin stands in an exclusive interview with answer questions and also explains her rejection in the Fed Cup position.

Mrs. Barthel, congratulations on your second title on the WTA Tour. What did you think when you've turned your fourth match point?

I was happy and relieved that it was still very tight at the end times and I had match points awarded. I'm glad that I stayed calm and I always have unlocked new opportunities. When I then turned the match point, I could at first not even believe it.

Can you describe the difference between the tournament in Paris and your first title in Hobart?

Hobart was one of the first WTA tournaments that I've played. There, I had to still play through the qualification. The other players did not know me so well. That has changed since then, of course. In Paris there was a larger tournament. I had to beat three players in the top 15. It's a different category, if you win a premier tournament in Paris.

Statistics from the WTA says that all 16 Paris-winners in front of you at least seventh place standing in the world rankings. Is this a sign for the rest of your career?

Of course I would not mind if it come to this. The top 7 or top 10 but are still a long way for me. I am now for the first time in the Top 30, which is a great success for me.

Angelique Kerber is started by last year after their tournament win in Paris in the top 10. Do you think that's realistic for you this year?

Angelique had an incredible year last year and has so consistently played at a high level every week and demonstrated their performance. She deserves it so to be in the top 10. For me this is still a long way. Since much has to fit that one makes the step into the top 10. I would be glad if I further improve in the world ranking. The year is still long. Let's see how it develops.

Your achievements in the past year after a strong season opener were very variable. Do you have an explanation?

Since there were several reasons why I was in the summer of a weaker phase. I had pulled me in Miami from a foot injury, which took a little longer to heal. Perhaps it would have been better to take a break and wait until it was healed. Secondly, it was also the first year on the WTA Tour for me. The tournaments were all new to me. I was the first time in Australia. These are a lot of impressions, get on one, you must process only. I think that has also cost me some energy. I notice this year already that something more routine is when I get to the tournaments.

At the Grand Slams, you are four times in a row retired in the first round. Why it works in the big tournaments not so well?

The Grand Slam tournaments did not work well. There were several reasons why I cut off at each Grand Slam tournament is not good. At the U.S. Open I was a little sick. At the French Open and Wimbledon, it was the stage where I did not play my best tennis. At the Australian Open, it was also a difficult draw. Ksenia Pervak ​​played very well and it made me not easy. Something like this can ever happen to anyone. All the women in the top 100 all play such a good tennis because almost anyone can beat anyone really. There are still a lot of improvement for me at the Grand Slams. If one has lost four times in the first round, it can actually be even better.

They have a strong impact. However, you underwent especially in the last year in some games, many double faults. Stands or falls on your game with the serve?

Directly so I would not say that. The service is of course one of the main strokes in tennis and in my game. If you have a good charge, you get into a good position for the next stroke. This of course brings many benefits, if you have a high rate during the first service and also a good second serve.

What have you done to stabilize your serve?

I have in the off-season a lot of work because I have more consistency and a higher rate in the first serve and that I continue to develop my second serve. That will help my game a lot because of the impact of the most important stroke in tennis.

You have no permanent coach to accompany you on trips. Your mother takes mainly the analysis of games and travels with you around the world. In Paris you were coached by Jacek Szygowski, a trainer at the Cologne Academy. You will soon find a permanent coach?

Last year I was already looking for a coach who accompanied me. But you have to have a good feeling that a coach brings you forward. Jacek it was a spontaneous decision. Robert Orlik had suggested it to me. Jacek I had never seen before. It has indeed worked well, it could not have worked out better. Let's see how it develops in the coming weeks.

Your rejection of the Fed Cup match in France has beaten high waves. So far, only head coach Barbara Rittner and your colleagues have commented on this in more detail. Can you explain the reasons why you do not stand for the Fed Cup are available?

To me it was clear that my decision would provide a lot of resentment among the public. To outsiders, it may seem very odd when you cancels the Fed Cup participation. I have my reasons for the cancellation, but I would not necessarily reveal this to the public. I would like to keep private, because there are also personal reasons. I hope that people accept and respect that.

After the cancellation was due to injury of Angelique Kerber again made an attempt for the game that you still available?

No, there was no attempt.

Apply your decision not to play Fed Cup, only for the match against France, or for the qualification games in April?

This decision was only for this game. My refusal had nothing to do with the Fed Cup in general. Of course I would love to be playing Fed Cup and to represent my country. That was at the moment just not the right time.

You were not nominated in April 2012 for the relegation match against Australia, despite your strong form by Barbara Rittner. Instead, the straight-again Andrea Petkovic and double specialist Anna-Lena Groenefeld were nominated. Julia Goerges also explained that she felt sick. Germany finally rose from out of the world group. Were you upset that you were not nominated for relegation game?

I was not mad about it. I have a few days before it started in April, got the call that I, as the Fed Cup in five women may be there. I was glad to have been there and that I could just watch the whole processes in the Fed Cup. Barbara made the decision so I've accepted it and respected. She is the boss and makes the decisions. I can understand their decision as well. Andrea and Julia had the experience of having played in the Fed Cup. That would have been different for me.

Barbara Rittner said after your Fed Cup rejection that she was proud that the other girls think differently. Julia Goerges founds it unfortunate that one of the Fed Cup, which is more than three times a year, can not bring in line with its plans. Do you feel like an outsider in the German team?

No, definitely not. Other girls in the team have even canceled a Fed Cup participation. We all get along well, that has nothing to do with.

With Angelique Kerber, Julia Goerges and you come to the three best German players from Schleswig-Holstein. Do you have an explanation as to why the High North is currently determined the German women's tennis?

I believe that there is no recipe for success. For each player have their own reasons why it is so high up. We all went a different route and have not trained with the same coach. Perhaps it is fortunate that the three best currently come from Schleswig-Holstein. With Tobias Kamke and Julian Reister, we also have two men's players. This is obviously great for the tennis in Schleswig-Holstein. We know each other well from the past and it's nice to meet up at shows.

You speak fluent English and can be expressed in this language very eloquently. To what extent it is life on the tour makes it easier when you have no language barriers?

It is very important, if you can speak English well. It is so much traveling abroad. This helps an already immensely if you can communicate well. I wish that I could still speak more languages ​​fluently. It is in so many countries on the way. It would therefore be perfectly natural if we could talk in the language that is spoken in the country.

Your German colleagues and also head coach Barbara Rittner love to tweet. Why you are not active on Twitter or on Facebook?

I decided early on to make a website and not to go on Facebook and Twitter. I have been retained. Of course there is a lot of work, after each game, to take the time to write a report on the game. Right now I do not feel that I want to sign in to Facebook and Twitter, but maybe that will change.

Why have you chosen the communication via a website?

I started early to make my own website. I had liked computer science in college and this always very professional. This gave me the idea to make a website. I do it all alone. I developed the design, I write the lyrics themselves and thus have much work ahead of me. It is a website about myself, so I think it's nice if you like, it made itself. So it should be at a website about themselves also. This is again a break from tennis. I think it's important that you not only 24 hours of tennis thinks, but also has a few other things that you enjoy doing. The good thing is that I can still connect it to the tennis.

For the tournament in Paris you get 94,355 euros. On your website, you wrote that you still use the old Smart Roadster your mother. Is after the title in Paris now a new car due?

This is not planned in the near future, at some point maybe. I always take the car from my mother. But she is not so happy about it. I am by the many trips and rarely at home, so I really do not need a car. But something I will buy now. The victory was so unexpected that I could not even really think about it.
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