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Re: What players are socially awkward ? And extrovert/introvert ?

Originally Posted by JarkaFish View Post
Yup, if only Vicky could follow Императрица Мария's lead of tactful and intelligent acts such as yelling "RUN RUN" towards her opponents in matches.
First and foremost, I refuse to believe this is Apoleb. He was a refined troll with just the right amount of vile. This pest is just some wannabe Claycourter; obviously, it walked TF once before , however, it was so balantly redudant in its trolling that it is hard to say which former troll it actually is. Oh well, I cannot acknoweldge such nor deal with such peasantry anymore so I am putting it on IGNORE.

Originally Posted by Natural Joe View Post
Even the fanciest font cannot mask the high level of fail in this post.

Ooohhhh, burn! My sheer hatred has clouded my judgment & self-awareness. The only thing I can do after this out of this world ownage is go back to my chamber and lick my wounds.
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