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Re: RuPaul's Season 5

Originally Posted by dybbuk View Post
I know. Detox should have won. When fake blood randomly started to come out of her mouth when she was playing Sharon I was screaming. That was one of the best things ever on the show. She looked great on the runway too. It seemed to be Kristen Johnston mostly; for whatever reason she seemed to personally have a problem with Detox. It reminded me of the Absolut Vodka guy last season just trashing Sharon Needles for no reason.

Serena ChaCha is basically LeRoy as a drag queen. Talking about "ghetto" people, flaunting his degree (an art school degree lol), etc. She was horrid and her last comment being telling the other girls to read a book. Lord. Acting like you need a 2400 to get into a damn art school.

Also Alyssa's complete lack of a jaw line freaks me out.
Maybe they're just trying to dull the obvious that Detox is primed to get very, very far on the show. KJ hating on her was weird. I find it bizarre when people say your confidence is too much. Like, why would I enter a competition if I don't think I'm good enough to win? And I don't think Detox has been behaving particularly precociously. The thing about the people who have won is that none of them (except maybe Tyra) really needed to be polished up - ever - during the show. It's not like Top Model where Tyra needs to shape these girls into models. The girls who get far on Drag Race are the ones who were on-point from the very beginning. It was weird to see Rebecca Glasscock and Tatiana make it as far as they did, but you knew they weren't winning.

This Roxxxy+Alaska+Detox thing is interesting. While I'm all for Detox not only finishing top 3 but actually winning, I'm not sold on Alaska or Roxxxy. I thought Roxxxy's breast plate was atrocious. I hope she did not pay 600 whole dollars for them. And I'm not a fan of her fringed nudity. Alaska has really not been amazing yet so I can't see her finishing on the business end of this season.
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