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Re: Frederik - New TT Board Member

I will no longer be on the TT Board. Unfortunately, when you volunteer your time, and people become unappreciative, you start to see less and less value in your efforts. The game has taken a turn I do not like. The game from 3 or 4 years ago no longer exists and I have to accept that. Yes, I have not been on the front stage the way I was in years past. I thought I had the respect of many of the players to contribute since I had shown that commitment and demonstration of fairness and logic while also keeping the game's best interest in mind. Simply because I did not publish rankings or manage tournaments had no bearing on my ability to be an effective board member. In fact, the reason why I became respected and was voted into the board was because of my effort. Some of the implications, yes - implications, deflect them all you want, they were in fact implied - are insulting and ultimately immature and unfounded. For those veterans who have defended me - thank you. And perhaps the criticism is rightfully so, for people who come to the game anew, there is no recollection of how I used to be - only how I was. For those who criticize, no one knows what the Board does behind the scenes and hopefully the new board member Frederik. and whoever shall replace me will be able to help improve the game.

Good luck to all.
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