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Re: Calamity Kvitty heads to Paris for Mud Digging, Shopping and some Indoor Tennis!

Originally Posted by ArcticMoose View Post
This only an observation – If ever there was a recognisable identity in TF, it was yours. I don’t think when you created it with a few simple key strokes even you had realised you had hit upon a gem! The creative ingenuity was ingenious. Over time you built an identity around it & even a cult like following on TF .. with a lot of admirers about what the ILK brand identity was all about… it is a shame that now you have released the ID, someone else will come along & start using it and not do it justice as the original creator could have.. if they are really smart they will also claim some IP on the ID too…
anyway no issue ILK, my best wishes …
Where the hell do you get your BS from? I'd love some of it please

Originally Posted by Excelscior View Post
Yes, he/she had a great name, moniker and online personality, that certainly doesn't have to be changed even if your player is struggling. Agreed.

It's funny, sometimes, I don't even realize it's he/she now (though I guess that's the point, besides what ever personal reason they do it for).

It is what it is though.

Hopefully, Petra will be back, and it will be soon.
I will change it back after 3 months. The name needs a rest ... a bit like Petra does ... so I'm hoping that it may help Petra mentally
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